Why scandinavian music?

Scandinavian, especially Swedish music, is often ignored and in favour of the great “classics”, such as Brahms, Mozart, or Bach, but Scandinavian usually differentiates itself with a distinctly Nordic voice. That Nordic voice is very special, whilst keeping with classical forms, it often resembles the nature, which is indeed spectacular.

How we create...

Scandinavian music is  seldom recorded, with a few exceptions such as Sibelius and Grieg. Whilst providing the music-connoisseur with these pieces, we also aim to create unique recordings played in a rather un-Nordic fashion to create a contrast. For example our recordings of Frösöblomster, by iconic romantic Swedish composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, played by Árpád Solti, Hungarian composer and pianist. 

Upcoming releases

In our upcoming projects we have: Wilhelm Stenhammar, Edward Grieg, Emil Sjögren, Jakob Adolf Hägg, and many more…

Released recordings

Frösöblomster vol. 1

Played by Árpád Solti this set of pieces represent the beautiful Swedish nature.  

Frösöblomster vol. 2


Frösöblomster vol.3


Jakob Adolf Hägg

This set of easy piano pieces was written 1868. Their light atmosphere evoke the pictures from spring, hence the name Fürhlingsblumen (springflowers).