The Lalliox competitions

Much like the treasure-hunter our quest is to find the hidden gems of music. In that quest we would like to recognise young, talented and, most importantly; unknown musicians. We have two different competitions: The Lalliox Piano Competition, and The Lalliox Composition Challenge. Feel free to join, there is no need for a formal education, only musicality!


The Lalliox piano competition

Piano competitions often miss the point and provide a very narrow selection of laureates. Music is ultimately about expressing the deepest of emotions. Therefore we wish to establish a new kind of competition, one that is more transparent, democratic, and better exponent of the meaning of music. The winner is honoured with a professional recording of every Chopin etude.

The lalliox composition challenge

Who said that good music was no longer written after Beethoven, Mozart or Brahms? We want to highlight that good music is still composed today and bridge over that misconception. Feel free to compose! The winner is rewarded with an album recorded by one of our competetent pianists.